Structural / Engobes / Mineral Composite

Mineral Composite

Product Benefits

For structural engobes, Sibelco can propose 2 types of products : Spray Dry Products and Dry Mixed products.

Those products provide:

  • Processability
  • Dust free
  • pourable

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Technical Details

Mineral Composite Country of Origin Chemical Analysis % Modulus of Rupture (Dried @ 110°C) MPa Firing colour Recommended firing temperature range
Products SiO2 AI2O3 Fe2O3 Alkalis LOI
Red roof-SK DE 59.5 21 9.5 7.5 red 950-1100°C
Engosigillata-SK DE 59.8 21.5 8.5 6.9 red 950-1100°C
Engosigillata-T DE

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