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Product Benefits

UK clays

  • rheological stability
  • unfired strength
  • plasticity
  • workability.

Ukraine clays

  • Higher bending strength on both green and dried stage (which can increase the module of rupture of stoneware body aiming to reduce the losses during production),
  • White firing colour,
  • Low level of organic matter that allows fast firing cycle,
  • High fusibility features, that can reduce the final porosity of ceramic body and increase the speed of the firing cycle with natural gas saving and more production yield.

German clays

  • Low level of organic matter that allows fast firing cycle
  • Stable product along supplies which support the stability of production process
  • Good logistic network and supply chain: truck, train, barge and vessel

Russian clays

  • High Allumina clay with good plasticity thanks to their clays mineral like smectite that can be used in combination with other ball clays in order to reach the required body strength
  • White firing colour
  • Stable product along supplies that support the stability of production process

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Technical Details

Sibelco has also a wide range of Russian and Ukrainian clays available for porcelain bodies. Please contact your local office to have more information.

CLAY Country of Origin Chemical Analysis % Modulus of Rupture (Dried @ 110oC) MPa Residue %> Particle Size %<
Products SiO2 AI2O3 Fe2O3 Alkalis LOI 63µm 10µm 2µm
Prestige AK UK 51.5 31.5 1.1 2.2 12 6.2 2.3 95 81
Prestige WB UK 47.7 32.9 1.1 2.1 14.9 5.1 2.8 96 80
Prestige BLU UK 54.4 30.8 1 3.1 9 4.4 2.2 97 84
Prestige TA UK
Prestige T100 TH 55.5 27.9 1.4 2.9 11.6 8.1 93 67

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