Tiles / Non-porcelain Tiles

Non-porcelain Tiles

Based on the current normative ISO 10545-3 that rules the ceramic tile classification on their porosity the Non Porcelain Tiles can be divided in 3 main clusters as:

  • BIIa water absorption (w.a%) 3 to 6%
  • BIIb water absorption (w.a%) 6 to 10%
  • BIII water absorption (w.a%) >10%

Unfortunately within the market place we could find other “market” classification as:  monoporosa and/or wall tiles.

The quality and the consistency of the raw materials used for Non Porcelain tiles production influence the main properties of the ceramic body as:

  • Strength (clay)
  • Fired shrinkage (clay, kaolin)
  • Fired colour (clay, kaolin, sand)
  • Porosity ( clays, feldspars)