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Porcelain Tiles

Based on the current normative ISO 10545-3 that rules the ceramic tile classification, the porcelain tile follows under B1A group with a water absorption (porosity) below 0.5%.

The porcelain tiles are obtained starting with several natural raw materials such as clay, kaolin, feldspar and sand. Most of the time, these raw materials are milled in a wet style and the ceramic slip is then spray dried, pressed and fired.

Within the porcelain tiles group we also have glazed porcelain tiles that are decorated with glaze, influencing the aesthetic effect of the tile surface.

The quality and consistency of the raw materials used for porcelain tiles production influence the main properties of the ceramic body, such as:

  • Plasticity (clay)
  • Fired shrinkage (clay, kaolin, feldspars)
  • Fired colour (clay, kaolin, feldspar, alumina)
  • Porosity (feldspar, glass waste, petalite, nepheline)